Site Salinity Management Plans

Soil salting is a risk that has the potential to impact on urban development in and around Mildura, Irymple, Merbein and Red Cliffs. Prior to subdivision of land occurring in these areas, the Mildura Planning Scheme stipulates a salinity management plan is required to be submitted to Council for the development site. An investigation using specific guidelines is undertaken including a site assessment to verify the salinity risk level, with the result determining the level of Salinity Action Statement.
Production of a Salinity Action Statement is a condition of the planning permit for new all subdivisions for residential land. We have undertaken this work for many developers and landowners wishing to subdivide land.

We provide our clients with a concise report based on the guidelines and using data collected from the site and database and website searches. If there are any points of clarification identified after the report is forwarded to Council, we work with our client and other authorities to resolve the issues.

Site Salinity Management Plans includes:

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