Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation

The contamination of land can have debilitating effects on humans and the environment. Activities associated with the use, storage and disposal of contaminants can potentially impact on soils, groundwater, surface water and air. Such contamination can impact on the health and well being of the community and on the integrity of buildings, structures and service facilities.

Sunraysia Environmental has an excellent track record of undertaking contaminated site investigation for private clients, local and state governments and organisations in New South Wales, Victoria and South Australia.

Our projects range from pre purchase due diligence assessments to remediation and confirmation testing of known contaminated areas. We are able to develop Environmental Protection Plans (EPP) and associated monitoring for Underground Petroleum Storage Systems (UPSS) to State guidelines.

We assist clients in determining if a site is contaminated, the extent and type of contamination and then develop rehabilitation actions for site clean up.

Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation includes:

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Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation Contaminated Site Assessment and Remediation

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