About Us

Since establishment in 1991, Sunraysia Environmental's range of services has rapidly expanded, enabling us to provide clients with an integrated package of environmental and agricultural management.

The company recognises the necessity of providing services of the highest standard while staying within time and budgetary constraints. The expanding nature of Sunraysia Environmental's business and the growing range of services being offered is a reflection of this commitment.

In an era in which sustainability is an increasingly critical benchmark, the sciences of land, water and environmental management can no longer stand in isolation. Decades of land management practices often out of tune with Australia's natural environment need urgent change - changes that are being imposed on land managers by all levels of government.

Sunraysia Environmental combines the best of scientific investigation and detailed analyses from which informed decisions can be made.

In keeping with our philosophy on sustainability, we firmly believe that the natural environment and sustainable economic development can co-exist - and that means potentially we can not only solve your environmental problems, but improve your business at the same time.